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Centaurea scabiosa

The common sort hereof has many long and somewhat dark grün Blätter, rising from the Wurzel, eingebeult about the edges, and manchmal a little rent or torn on both sides in two or three places, and somewhat hairy withal, amongst which arises a long round Stengel, four or five feet high, geteilt into many Zweige, an der Spitzes whereof stand great scaly grün heads, and from the middle of them thrust forth a number of dark purplish red thrumbs or threads, which after they are withered and past, there are found divers black Samen, lying in a great deal of down, somewhat like unto Thistle Samen, but smaller, the Wurzel is white, hard and hölzern, and divers Fasern annexed thereunto, which perishes not, but abides with Blätter thereon all the Winter, shooting out fresh every spring.
It wächst in most fields and meadows, and about their borders and hedges, and in many waste grounds also every where.

It usually Blüten in June and July, and the Samen is ripe shortly after.

Saturn challenges the herb for his own. This Knapweed helps to stay fluxes, both of blood at the Mund or nose, or other outward parts, and those veins that are innerlich broken, or inward Wunden, as also the fluxes of the Bauch, it stays distillation of thin and sharp humours from the head upon the Magen and Lungen, it is good for those that are zerquetscht by any fall, blüht or otherwise, and is profitable for those that are bursten, and have ruptures, by drinking the Dekokt (Abkochung) of the herb and Wurzeln in wine, and applying the same äußerlich to the
It is singularly good in all running Wunden, cancerous and fistulous, drying up of the Feuchtigkeit, and healing them up so gently, without sharpness, it doth the like to running Wunden or Wundschorf of the head or other parts. It is of special use for the soreness of the throat, swelling of the uvula and jaws, and excellently good to stay bluten, and heal up all grüne Wunden.