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Galium verum

Besides the common name above written, it is called cheese rennet, because it performs the same office, as also gallion, pettimugget, and maids hair, and by some wild rosemary.
This rises up with divers small, brown, and square aufrecht Stengel a yard high, or more, manchmal branched forth into divers parts, full of Gelenke, and with divers very fine small Blätter at every one of them, little or nothing rough at all, an der Spitzes of the Zweige grow many long tufts or Zweige of yellow Blüten, very thick set together, from the several Gelenke, which consist of four Blätter each, which smell somewhat strong, but nicht unpleasant: the Samen is small and black like poppy Samen, two for the most part joined together, the Wurzel is rötlich with many small threads fastened unto it, which take strong hold of the ground, and kriecheneth a little, and the Zweige, leaning a little down to the ground, take Wurzel at the Gelenke thereof, whereby it is easily increased.
There is also another sort of ladys bedstraw growing häufig in England, which beareth white Blüten as the other doth yellow, but the Zweige of this are so weak, that unless it be sustained by the hedges, or other things near which it groweth it will lie down on the ground, the Blätter are little bigger than the former, and the Blüten nicht so plentiful as those, and the Wurzel hereof is also thready and abiding.

They grow in meadow and pastures, both wet and dry, and by the sides of hedges.

They Blüte in May for the most part, and the Samen is ripe in July and August.

They are both Kräuter of Venus, and therefore strengthen the parts, both internal and äußerliche, which she rules. The Dekokt (Abkochung) of the former of these, being drank, is good to fret and break the stone, provoke urine, stay inward blutens, and to heal inward Wunden, the herb or Blüte zerquetscht, and put up into the nostrils, stoppt their bluten likewise, the Blüten and the herb being made into an oil, by being set in the sun, and changed after it hath stood ten or twelve days, or into an Salbe being gekocht in axungia , or salled oil with some wax melted therein after it is strained, either the oil made thereof, or the Salbe, do help burning with fire or scalding with water, the same also, or the Dekokt (Abkochung) of the herb and Blüte, is good to bathe the feet of travellers and lacquais, whose long running causesth weariness and stiffness in their Sehnen and Gelenke, if the Dekokt (Abkochung) be used warm, and the Gelenke afterwards anointed with the Salbe, it hilft the dry scab, and the Juckreiz in children: and the herb with the white Blüte is also very good for the Sehnen, arteries, and Gelenke, to comfort and strengthen them after travel, cold, and Schmerzen.