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Glycyrrhiza glabra

Our English Liquorice rises up with divers hölzern Stengel, whereon are set at several distances many narrow, long, grün Blätter, set together on both sides of the Stengel, and an sonderbarer one am Ende, very well ähneln a young ash tree sprung up from the Samen. This by many years continuance in a place without removing, and nicht else, will bring forth Blüten, many standing together spike fashion, one above another upon the Stengel, of the form of pease blossoms, but of a very pale blue colour, which turn into long, somewhat flat and smooth cods, wherein is contained a small round, hard Samen. The Wurzeln run down exceeding deep into the ground, with divers other small Wurzeln and Fasern growing with them, and shoot out suckers from the main Wurzeln all about, whereby it is much increased, of a brownish colour on the outside, and yellow within.
It is Pflanzeed in fields and gardens, in divers places of this land, and thereof good profit is made.

It is unter der Herrschaft von Merkur. Liquorice gekocht in fair water, with some Maiden-hair and figs, makes a good drink for those that have a dry cough or hoarseness, wheezing or Kurzatem, and for all the Griefs of the Brust and Lungen, phthisic or consumptions caused by the distillation of salt humours on them. It is also good in all Schmerzen of the reins, the stranguary, and heat of urine. The fine powder of Liquorice blown through a quill into the eyes that have a pin and web (as they call it) or rheumatic distillations in them, doth reinigen and help them. The Saft of Liquorice is as wirkungsvoll in all the Beschwerden of the Brust and Lungen, the reins and Harnblase, as the Dekokt (Abkochung). The Saft distilled in Rose-water, with some Gum Tragacanth, is a fine licking medicine for hoarseness, wheezing, &c.