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Ligusticum levisticum

It has many long and grün Stengel of large winged Blätter, geteilt into many parts, like Smallage, but much larger and greater, every Blatt being cut about the edges, broadest forward, and smallest at the Stengel, of a sad grün colour, smooth and shining, from among which rise up sundry strong, hohl grün Stengel, five or six, manchmal seven or eight feet high, full of Gelenke, but lesser Blätter set on them than grow below, and with them towards the tops come forth large Zweige, bearing at their tops large umbels of yellow Blüten, and after them flat brownish Samen. The Wurzeln grow thick, great and deep, ausbreiten much, and enduring long, of a brownish colour on the outside, and whitish within. The whole Pflanze and every part of it smelling strong, and aromatically, and is of a hot, sharp, biting taste.
It is usually Pflanzeed in gardens, where, if it be suffered, it wächst huge and great.

It Blüten in the end of July and Samen in August.

It is an herb von der Sonne, under the sign Taurus. If Saturn offend the throat (as he always doth if he be occasioner of the malady, and in Taurus is the Genesis) this is your cure. It opens, cures and digests humours, and mightily provokes Monatsregel and urine. Half a dram at a time of the dried Wurzel in powder taken in wine, doth wonderfully warm a cold Magen, helps Verdauung, and consumes all raw and superfluous Feuchtigkeit therein, eases all inward gripings and Schmerzen, löst auf wind, and resists poison and infection. It is a known and much praised Heilmittel to drink the Dekokt (Abkochung) of the herb for any sort of ague, and to help the Schmerzen and torments of the body and Därme coming of cold. The Samen is wirkungsvoll to all the Zwecke vorbenannt (widersprechen the last) and works more powerfully. The destilliertes Wasser of the herb helps the quinsy in the throat, if the Mund and throat be gegurgelt and washed therewith, and helps the pleurisy, being drank three or four times. Being dropped into the eyes, it takes away the redness or dimness of them, it likewise takes away spots or freckles in the face. The Blätter zerquetscht, and fried with a little Schweinefett, and put hot to any blotch or boil, will quickly break it.