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Pulmonaria officinalis

This is a kind of moss, that wächst on sundry sorts of trees, especially oaks and beeches, with broad, greyish, tough Blätter diversly folded, zerknittert, and gashed in on the edges, and some entdeckt also with many small spots on the upper-side. It was never seen to bear any Stengel or Blüte at any

Jupiter seems to own this herb. It is of great use to Ärzte to help the Beschwerden of the Lungen, and for Husten, wheezings, and Kurzatem, which it cures both in Mensch und Tier. It is very profitable to put into lotions that are taken to stay the moist humours that flow to Geschwüre, and hinder their healing, as also to wash all other Geschwüre in the privy parts of a man or woman. It is an excellent Heilmittel gekocht in beer for brokenwinded horses.