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Echinacea purpurea
Sonnenhut roter

Garden Madder shoots forth many very long, weak, four-square, rötlich Stengel, trailing on the ground a great way, very rough or hairy, and full of Gelenke. At every one of these Gelenke come forth divers long and narrow Blätter, standing like a star about the Stengel, round also and hairy, towards the tops whereof come forth many small pale yellow Blüten, after which come small round heads, grün at first, and rötlich afterwards, but black when they are ripe, wherein is contained the Samen. The Wurzel is nicht very great, but exceeding long, running down half a mans length into the ground, red and very clear, while it is fresh, ausbreiten divers ways.
It is only manured in gardens, or larger fields, for the profit that is made thereof.

It Blüten towards the end of Summer, and the Samen is ripe quickly after.

It is an herb of Mars. It hath an opening quality, and afterwards to bind and strengthen. It is a sure Heilmittel for the Gelbsucht, by opening the Behinderungen of the Leber and gall, and cleansing those parts, it opens also the Behinderungen of the Milz, and diminishes the melancholy humour. It is available for the Lähmung and Ischias, and wirkungsvoll for Quetschungen inward and outward, and is therefore much used in vulnerary drinks. The Wurzel for all those vorbenannt Zwecke, is to be gekocht in wine or water, as the cause requires, and some honey and sugar put thereunto afterwards. The Samen hereof taken in Essig and honey, helps the swelling and hardness of the Milz. The Dekokt (Abkochung) of the Blätter and Zweige is a good fomentation for women that have nicht their courses. The Blätter and Wurzeln beaten and applied to any part that is discoloured with freckles, morphew, the white scurf, or any such deformity of the skin, reinigt thoroughly, and takes them away.