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Adiantum capillus

This has very fine, pale grün Stengel, almost as fine as hairs, set confusedly with divers pale grün Blätter on every short foot Stengel, somewhat near unto the colour of garden Rue, and nicht much differing in form but more diversly cut in on the edges, and thicker, smooth on the upper part, and entdeckt finely underneath.
It wächst in many places of this land, at Dartford, and the bridge at Ashford in Kent, at Beaconsfield in Buckinghamshire, at Wolly in Huntingdonshire, on Framlingham Castle in Suffolk, on the church walls at Mayfield in Sussex, in Somersetshire, and divers other places of this land, and is grün in winter as well as summer.

Both this and the former are unter der Herrschaft von Merkur, and so is that also which follows after, and the Vorzug of both are so near alike, that though I have described them and their places of growing severally, yet I shall in writing the Vorzüge of them, join them both together as follows.
The Dekokt (Abkochung) of the herb Maiden-Hair being drank, helps those that are troubled with the cough, Kurzatem, the Gelbsucht, Beschwerden of the Milz, stopping of urine, and helps überaus to break the stone in the Nieren, (in all which Beschwerden the Wall Rue is also very wirkungsvoll). It provokes Monatsregel, and stays both blutens and fluxes of the Magen and Bauch, especially when the herb is dry, for being grün, it loosens the Bauch, and voids choler and phlegm from the Magen and Leber, it reinigt the Lungen, and by rectifying the blood, causes a good colour to the whole body. The herb gekocht in oil of Kamille, löst auf knots, lindert swellings, and dries up moist Geschwüre. The lye made thereof is singularly good to reinigen the head from scurf, and from dry and running Wunden, stays the falling or shedding of the hair, and causes it to grow thick, fair, and well coloured, for which Zweck some boil it in wine, putting some Smallage Samen thereto, and afterwards some oil. The Wall Rue is as wirkungsvoll as Maiden-Hair, in all Beschwerden of the head, or falling and wiedergewinnen of the hair again, and generally for all oben erwähnten Beschwerden. And besides, the powder of it taken in drink for forty days together, helps the burStiche in children.