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Calendula officinalis,

These being so plentiful in every garden, and so well known that they need no

They Blüte all the Summer long, and manchmal in Winter, if it be mild.

It is an herb von der Sonne, and under Leo. They strengthen the heart überaus, and are very expulsive, and a little less wirkungsvoll in the smallpox and measles than saffron. The Saft of Marigold Blätter mixed with Essig, and any hot swelling bathed with it, sofort gives ease, and assuages it. The Blüten, either grün or dried, are much used in possets, broths, and drink, as a comforter of the heart and spirits, and to vertreiben any malignant or pestilential quality which might annoy them. A plaister made with the dry Blüten in powder, hogs-Fett, turpentine, and rosin, applied to the Brust, strengthens and succours the heart infinitely in fevers, whether pestilential or not.