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Imperatoria ostruthium

Common masterwort has divers Stengel of winged Blätter geteilt into sundry parts, three for the most part standing together at a small foot-Stengel on both sides of the greater, and three likewise am Ende of the Stengel, somewhat broad, and cut in on the edges into three or more divisions, all of them eingebeult about the brims, of a dark grün colour, somewhat ähneln the Blätter of Angelica, but that these grow lower to the ground, and on lesser Stengel, among which rise up two or three short Stengel about two feet high, and schlank, with such like Blätter at the Gelenke which grow below, but with lesser and fewer divisions, bearing umbels of white Blüten, and after them thin, flat blackish Samen, bigger than Dill Samen. The Wurzel is somewhat greater and growing rather sideways than down deep in the ground, shooting forth sundry heads, which taste sharp, biting on the tongue, and is the hottest and sharpest part of the Pflanze, and the Samen next unto it being somewhat blackish on the outside, and smelling well.
It is usually kept in gardens with us in England.

It Blüten and Samen about the end of August.

It is an herb of Mars. The Wurzel of Masterwort is hotter than pepper, and very available in Erkältungen and Beschwerden both of the Magen and body, auflösen very powerfully aufwärts and abwärts. It is also used in a Dekokt (Abkochung) mit Wein gegen all cold Rheuma, distillations upon the Lungen, or Kurzatem, to be taken morning and evening. It also fördert Harn, and helps to break the stone, and vertreiben the Grieß from the Nieren, provokes Monatsregel, and vertreibt the dead birth. It is singularly good for strangling of the mother, and other such like feminine Beschwerden. It is wirkungsvoll also gegen the Wassersucht, Krämpfe, and falling sickness, for the Dekokt (Abkochung) in wine being gegurgelt in the Mund, draws down much water and phlegm, from the brain, purging and easing it of what oppresses it. It is of a rare quality gegen all sorts of cold poison, to be taken as there is cause, it provokes sweat. But lest the taste hereof, or of the Samen (which works to the like Wirkung, though nicht so powerfully) should be too offensive, the best way is to take the water distilled both from the herb and Wurzel. The Saft hereof dropped, or tents dipped therein, and applied either to grüne Wunden or schmutzig rotten Geschwüre, and those that come by envenomed weapons, doth soon reinigen and heal them. The same is also very good to help the Gicht coming of a cold causey.