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Mentha viridis

Of all the kinds of mint, the spear mint, or heart mint, being most usual, I shall only describe as follows:
Spear mint has divers round Stengel, and long but narrowish Blätter set thereon, of a dark grün colour. The Blüten stand in spiked heads an der Spitzes of the Zweige, being of a pale blue colour. The smell or Duft thereof is somewhat near unto Bazil, it encreases by the Wurzel under ground as all the others do.

It is an usual inhabitant in gardens, and because it seldom gives any good Samen, the Samen is recompensed by the plentiful increase of the Wurzel, which being once Pflanzeed in a garden, will hardly be rid out again.

It Blüten nicht until the beginning of August, for the most part.

It is an herb of Venus. Dioscorides sagte it hath a healing, binding and drying quality, and therefore the Saft taken in Essig, stays bluten. It stirs up venery, or bodily lust, two or three Zweige thereof taken in the Saft of four Granatapfels, stays the hiccough, Erbrechen, and lindert the choler. It löst auf imposthumes being laid to with barley-meal. It is good to repress the milk in womens Brust, and for such as have swollen, flagging, or great Brust. Applied with salt, it helps the biting of a mad dog, with mead and honeyed water, it verringert die Schmerzen of the ears, and takes away the roughness of the tongue, being rubbed thereupon. It suffers nicht milk to curdle in the Magen, if the Blätter thereof be eingeweicht or gekocht in it before you drink it. Briefly it is very profitable to the Magen. The often use hereof is a very powerful medicine to stay Monatsregel and the whites. Applied to the forehead and temples, it verringert die Schmerzen in the head, and is good to wash the heads of young children therewith, gegen all manner of breakings-out, Wunden or Wundschorf, therein. It is also profitable gegen the poison of giftiges creatures. The destilliertes Wasser of Mint is available to all the Zwecke vorbenannt, yet more weakly. But if a spirit thereof be rightly and chymically drawn, it is much more powerful than the herb itself. Simeon Sethi sagte, it helps a cold Leber, strengthens the Bauch, causes Verdauung, stays Erbrechen and hiccough, it is good gegen the nagen of the heart, provokes appetite, takes away Behinderungen of the Leber, and stirs up bodily lust, but therefore too much must nicht be taken, because it makes the blood thin and wheyish, and turns it into choler, and therefore choleric persons must abstain from it. It is a safe medicine for the biting of a mad dog, being zerquetscht with salt and laid thereon. The powder of it being dried and taken after meat, helps Verdauung, and those that are splenetic. Taken with wine, it helps women in their sore travail in child-bearing. It is good gegen the Grieß and stone in the Nieren, and the stranguary. Being smelled unto, it is comfortable for the head and memory. The Dekokt (Abkochung) hereof gegurgelt in the Mund, cures the gums and Mund that are sore, and mends an ill-Geschmacked breath, as also the Rue and Coriander, causes the palate of the Mund to turn to its place, the Dekokt (Abkochung) being gegurgelt and held in the Mund.
The Vorzüge of the Wild or Horse Mint, such as grow in Juckreizes (whose description I purposely omitted, in regard they are well known) are serviceable to auflösen wind in the Magen, to help the cholic, and those that are short-winded, and are an especial Heilmittel for those that have veneral dreams and pollutions in the night, being äußerlich applied. The Saft dropped into the ears verringert die Schmerzen of them, and destroys the Würmer that breed therein. They are good gegen the giftiges biting of serpents. The Saft laid on warm, helps the kings evil, or kernels in the throat. The Dekokt (Abkochung) or destilliertes Wasser helps a stinking breath, proceeding from corruption of the teeth, and snuffed up the nose, reinigt the head. Pliny sagte, that eating of the Blätter hath been found by Erfahrung to cure the leprosy, applying some of them to the face, and to help the scurf or dandriff of the head used with Essig. They are extremely bad for wounded people, and they say a wounded man that eats Mint, his wound will never be cured, and that is a long day.