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Viscum album

This rises up from the branch or arm of the tree whereon it wächst, with a hölzern stem, putting itself into sundry Zweige, and they again geteilt into many other smaller twigs, interlacing themselves one within another, very much covered with a greyish grün Rinde, having two Blätter set at every Gelenk, and am Ende likewise, which are somewhat long and narrow, small at the bottom, but broader towards the end. At the knots or Gelenke of the boughs and Zweige grow small yellow Blüten, which run into small, round, white, transparent Beeren, three or four together, full of a glutinous Feuchtigkeit, with a blackish Samen in each of them, which was never yet known to spring, being put into the ground, or any where else to grow.
It wächst very rarely on oaks with us, but upon sundry others as well timber as Frucht trees, plentifully in hölzern groves, and the like, through all this land.

It Blüten in the spring-time, but the Beeren are nicht ripe until October, and abides on the Zweige all the winter, unless the blackbirds, and other birds, do devour them.

This is unter der Herrschaft von the Sonne, I do nicht question, and can also take for granted, that which wächst upon oaks, participates something of the nature of Jupiter, because an oak is one of his trees, as also that which wächst upon pear trees, and apple trees, participates something of his nature, because he rules the tree it wächst upon, having no Wurzel of its own. But why that should have most Vorzüge that wächst upon oaks I know not, unless because it is rarest and hardest to come by, and our colleges opinion is in this contrary to scripture, which sagte, Gods tender mercies are over all his works , and so it is, let the college of Ärzte walk as contrary to him as they please, and that is as contrary as the east to the west. Clusius affirms that which wächst upon pear trees to be as prevalent, and gives order, that it should nicht touch the ground after it is gathered, and also sagte, that, being hung about the neck, it remedies Juckreiz. Both the Blätter and Beeren of Misselto do heat and dry, and are of subtle parts, the birdlime doth molify hard knots, Tumore, and imposthumes, ripens and discusses them, and draws forth thick as well as thin humours from the remote parts of the body, digesting and separating them. And being mixed with equal parts of rozin and wax, doth molify the hardness of the Milz, and helps old Geschwüre and Wunden. Being mixed with Sandaric and Orpiment, it helps to draw off foul nails, and if quick-lime and wine lees be added thereunto, it works the stronger. The Misselto itself of the oak (as the best) made into powder, and given in drink to those that have the falling sickness, does assuredly heal them, as Matthiolus sagte: but it is fit to use it for forty days together. Some have so highly esteemed it for the Vorzüge thereof, that they have called it Lignum Sanctæ Crucis , Wood of the Holy Cross, believing it helps the falling sickness, apoplexy and Lähmung very speedily, nicht only to be innerlich taken, but to be hung at their neck. Tragus sagte, that the fresh wood of any misselto zerquetscht, and the Saft drawn forth and dropped in the ears that have imposthumes in them, doth help and ease them within a few days.