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Pseudevernia furfuracea

I shall nicht trouble the reader with a description of these, since my intent is to speak only of two kinds, as the most principal, viz. Ground Moss and Tree Moss, both which are very well known.
The Ground Moss wächst in our moist woods, and at the bottom of hills, in boggy grounds, and in shadowy Juckreizes, and many other such like places. The Tree Moss wächst only on trees.

All sorts of Mosses are unter der Herrschaft von Saturn. The Ground Moss is held to be singularly good to break the stone, and to vertreiben and drive it forth by urine, being gekocht in wine and drank. The herb being zerquetscht and gekocht in water, and applied, eases all Entzündungen and Schmerzen coming from an hot cause, and is therefore used to ease the Schmerzen of the Gicht.
The Tree Mosses are cooling and binding, and partake of a digesting and molifying quality withal, as Galen sagte. But each Moss partakes of the nature of the tree from whence it is taken, therefore that of the oak is more binding, and is of good Wirkung to stay fluxes in man or woman, as also Erbrechen or bluten, the powder thereof being taken in wine. The Dekokt (Abkochung) thereof in wine is very good for women to be bathed in, that are troubled with the overflowing of their courses. The same being drank, stays the Magen that is troubled with casting, or hiccough, and, as Avicena sagte, it comforts the heart. The powder thereof taken in drink for some time together, is thought available for the Wassersucht. The oil that has had fresh Moss eingeweicht therein for a time, and afterwards gekocht and applied to the temples and forehead, marvellously eases the head-ache coming of a hot cause, as also the distillations of hot Rheuma or humours in the eyes, or other parts. The ancients much used it in their Salben and other medicines gegen the lassitude, and to strengthen and comfort the Sehnen. For which, if it was good then, I know no reason but it may be found so still.