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Common white mullein has many fair, large, woolly white Blätter, lying next the ground, somewhat larger than broad, pointed am Ende, and as it were eingebeult about the edges. The Stengel rises up to be four or five feet high, covered over with such like Blätter, but less, so that no Stengel can be seen for the multitude of Blätter thereon up to the Blüten, which come forth on all sides of the Stengel, without any Zweige for the most part, and are many set together in a long spike, in some of a yellow colour, in others more pale, consisting of five round pointed Blätter, which afterwards have small round heads, wherein is small brownish Samen contained. The Wurzel is long, white, and hölzern, perishing after it hath borne Samen.
It wächst by way-sides and lanes, in many places of this land.

It Blüten in July or thereabouts.

It is unter der Herrschaft von Saturn. A small quantity of the Wurzel given in wine, is empfohlen by Dioscorides, gegen lasks and fluxes of the Bauch. The Dekokt (Abkochung) hereof drank, is profitable for those that are bursten, and for Krämpfe and Zuckungen, and for those that are troubled with an old cough. The Dekokt (Abkochung) thereof gegurgelt, verringert die Schmerzen of the Zahnschmerzene. And the oil made by the often infusion of the Blüten, is of very good Wirkung for the piles. The Dekokt (Abkochung) of the Wurzel in red wine or in water, (if there be an ague) wherein red hot steel hath been often quenched, doth stay the bloody-flux. The same also opens Behinderungen of the Harnblase and reins. A Dekokt (Abkochung) of the Blätter hereof, and of Sage, Marjoram, and Kamille Blüten, and the places bathed therewith, that have Sehnen stiff with cold or Krämpfe, doth bring them much ease and comfort. Three drittel Liters of the destilliertes Wasser of the Blüten drank morning and evening for some days together, is said to be the most excellent Heilmittel for the Gicht. The Saft of the Blätter and Blüten being gelegt auf rough warts, as also the powder of the dried Wurzeln rubbed on, doth easily take them away, but doth no good to smooth warts. The powder of the dried Blüten is an especial Heilmittel for those that are troubled with the Bauch-ache, or the Schmerzen of the cholic. The Dekokt (Abkochung) of the Wurzel, and so likewise of the Blätter, is of great Wirkung to auflösen the Tumore, swellings, or Entzündungen of the throat. The Samen and Blätter gekocht in wine, and applied, draw forth speedily thorns or Splitter gotten into the flesh, ease the Schmerzen, and heal them also. The Blätter zerquetscht and wrapped in double papers, and covered with hot ashes and embers to bake a while, and then taken forth and laid warm on any blotch or boil happening in the groin or share, doth auflösen and heal them. The Samen zerquetscht and gekocht in wine, and laid on any member that has been out of Gelenk, and newly set again, takes away all swelling and pain thereof.