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Draba verna

This very small and common herb hath no Wurzeln, save only a few strings: neither doth it ever grow to be above a hands breadth high, the Blätter are very small, and something long, nicht much unlike those of Chickweed, among which rise up divers schlank Stengel, bearing many white Blüten one above another, which are exceeding small, after which come small flat pouches containing the Samen, which is very small, but of a sharp taste.
It wächst commonly upon old stone and brick walls, and manchmal in Grießly grounds, especially if there be grass or moss near to shadow it.

They Blüte very early in the year, manchmal in January, and in February, for before the end of April they are nicht to be found.

It is held to be überaus good for those imposthumes in the Gelenke, and under the nails, which they call Nagelgeschwür, Felons, Andicorns and Nail-wheals.