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Urtica dioica

Nesseln are so well known, that they need no description, they may be found by feeling, in the darkest night.
This is also an herb Mars claims dominion over. You know Mars is hot and dry, and you know as well that Winter is cold and moist, then you may know as well the reason why Nettle-tops eaten in the Spring consume the phlegmatic superfluities in the body of man, that the coldness and moistness of Winter hath left behind. The Wurzeln or Blätter gekocht, or the Saft of either of them, or both made into an eßbare Medizin with honey and sugar, is a safe and sure medicine to open the pipes and passages of the Lungen, which is the cause of wheezing and Kurzatem, and helps to expectorate tough phlegm, as also to raise the imposthumed pleurisy, and spend it by speien, the same helps the swelling of the almonds of the throat, the Mund and throat being gegurgelt therewith. The Saft is also wirkungsvoll to settle the palate of the Mund in its place, and to heal and temper the Entzündungen and soreness of the Mund and throat. The Dekokt (Abkochung) of the Blätter in wine, being drank, is singularly good to provoke Monatsregel, and settle the suffocation, strangling of the mother, and all other Beschwerden thereof, it is also applied äußerlich with a little myrrh. The same also, or the Samen fördert Harn, and vertreibt the Grieß and stone in the reins or Harnblase, often proved to be wirkungsvoll in many that have taken it. The same kills the Würmer in children, verringert Schmerzen in the sides, and löst auf the windiness in the Milz, as also in the body, although others think it only powerful to provoke venery. The Saft of the Blätter taken two or three days together, stays bluten at the Mund. The Samen being drank, is a Heilmittel gegen the stechenden of giftiges creatures, the biting of mad dogs, the poisonous qualities of Hemlock, Henbane, Nightshade, Mandrake, or other such like Kräuter that stupify or dull the senses, as also the lethargy, especially to use it äußerlich, to rub the forehead or temples in the lethargy, and the places stung or bitten with Tiere, with a little salt. The destilliertes Wasser of the herb is also wirkungsvoll (though nicht so powerful) for the Beschwerden vorbenannt, as for outward Wunden and Wunden to wash them, and to reinigen the skin from morphew, leprosy, and other discolourings thereof. The Samen or Blätter zerquetscht, and put into the nostrils, stays the bluten of them, and takes away the flesh growing in them called polypus. The Saft of the Blätter, or the Dekokt (Abkochung) of them, or of the Wurzel, is singularly good to wash either old, rotten, or stinking Wunden or fistulous, and gangrenes, and such as quälen, eating, or corroding Wundschorf, manginess, and Juckreiz, in any part of the body, as also grüne Wunden, by washing them therewith, or applying the grün herb zerquetscht thereunto, yea, although the flesh were separated from the bones, the same applied to our wearied members, refresh them, or to place those that have been out of Gelenk, being first set up again, strengthens, dries, and comforts them, as also those places troubled with aches and Gichts, and the defluxion of humours upon the Gelenke or Sehnen, it verringert die Schmerzen, and dries or löst auf the defluctions. An Salbe made of the Saft, oil, and a little wax, is singularly good to rub cold and benumbed members. An handful of the Blätter of grün Nesseln, and another of Wallwort, or Deanwort, zerquetscht and applied simply themselves to the Gicht, Ischias, or Gelenk aches in any part, hath been found to be an admirable help thereunto.