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Quercus Robur

It is so well known (the timber thereof being the glory and safety of this nation by sea) that it needs no

Jupiter owns the tree. The Blätter and Rinde of the Oak, and the acorn cups, do bind and dry very much. The inner Rinde of the tree, and the thin skin that covers the acorn, are most used to stay the speien of blood, and the bloody-flux. The Dekokt (Abkochung) of that Rinde, and the powder of the cups, do stay Erbrechens, speien of blood, bluten at the Mund, or other fluxes of blood, in men or women, lasks also, and the nocturnal involuntary flux of men. The acorn in powder taken in wine, fördert Harn, and resists the poison of giftiges creatures. The Dekokt (Abkochung) of acorns and the Rinde made in milk and taken, resists the force of poisonous Kräuter and medicines, as also the virulency of cantharides, when one by eating them hath his Harnblase exulcerated, and voids bloody urine. Hippocrates sagte, he used the Dampfs of Oak Blätter to women that were troubled with the strangling of the mother, and Galen applied them, being zerquetscht, to cure grüne Wunden. The destilliertes Wasser of the Oaken bud, before they break out into Blätter is good to be used either innerlich or äußerlich, to assuage Entzündungen, and to stop all manner of fluxes in man or woman. The same is singularly good in pestilential and hot burning fevers, for it resists the force of the infection, and lindert the heat. It cools the heat of the Leber, breaking the stone in the Nieren, and stays Monatsregel. The Dekokt (Abkochung) of the Blätter works the same Wirkungen. The water that is found in the hohl places of old Oaks, is very wirkungsvoll gegen any foul or ausbreiten Wundschorf. The destilliertes Wasser (or concoction, which is better) of the Blätter, is one of the best remedies that I know of for the whites in women.