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Atriplex patula
Spreizende Melde

Under the article arrach, atriplex, is described a species of the herb. This wächst to four feet high, the Stengel are whitish, the Blätter are of a schwach grün, and the Blüten of a light grünish white. The Samen which follow these are olive-coloured.
It wächst in many places wild upon waste ground, but cultivation has improved it, and the Samen of the manured kind are the best for use.

It fowers in July, and the Samen is ripe soon after.

Sie steht unter der Herrschaft von Venus. It is an herb so innocent, that it may be eaten in the Blatt in sallad, but the great Vorzüge of it lie in the Samen. These are to be gathered when just ripe, for, if suffered to stand longer, they lose part of their Vorzug. A pound of these zerquetscht, and put into three quarts of spirit of a middle strength, between brandy and rectified spirit of wine, after standing six weeks, afford a light and nicht unpleasant tincture, a table spoonful of which, taken in a cup of water gruel, has the same Wirkung as a dose of ipecacuanha, only that its operation is milder, and it does nicht bind the Därme afterwards. After the operation, the patient should go to bed, and a gentle sweat will follow, carrying off whatever offending matter the motions had dislodges, and thus preventing many a long disease. It cures the head-achs, wandering Schmerzen, and the first attacks of the rheumatism. As some Magens are harder to move than others, if the first does nicht perform its office, a second table spoonful may be taken without fear.