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It has almost as many several names attributed to the several sorts of it, as would almost fill a sheet of paper, as dog-Steine, goat-Steine, fool-Steine, fox-Steine, satiricon, cullians, together with many others too tedious to rehearse.
To describe all the several sorts of it were an endless piece of work: therefore I shall only describe the Wurzeln because they are to be used with some discretion. They have each of them a double Wurzel within, some of them are round, in others like a hand, these Wurzeln alter every year by course, when the one rises and waxes full, the other waxes lank, and perishes. Now, it is that which is full which is to be used in medicines, the other being either of no use at all, or else, according to the humour of some, it destroys and disannuls the Vorzüge of the other, quite undoing what that doth.

One or other of them may be found in Blüte from the beginning of April to the latter end of August.

They are hot and moist in operation, unter der Herrschaft von Dame Venus, and provoke lust überaus, which, they say, the dried and withered Wurzeln do restrain. They are held to kill Würmer in children, as also, being zerquetscht and applied to the place, to heal the kings evil.