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Pyrus sativa

Pear-trees are so well known, that they need no Beschreibung.
The tree gehört zu Venus, and so doth the apple-tree. For their physical use they are best discerned by their taste. All the süß and luscious sorts, whether manured or wild, do help to move the Bauch abwärts, more or less. Those that are hard and sour, do, on the contrary, bind the Bauch as much, and the Blätter do so also. Those that are moist do in some sort cool, but harsh or wild sorts much more, and are very good in repelling medicines, and if the wild sort be gekocht with mushrooms, it makes them less dangerous. The said Pears gekocht with a little honey, help much the oppressed Magen, as all sorts of them do, some more, some less: but the harsher sorts do more cool and bind, serving well to be bound to grüne Wunden, to cool and stay the blood, and heal up the grün wound without farther trouble, or Entzündung, as Galen sagte he hath found by Erfahrung. The wild Pears do sooner close up the lips of grüne Wunden than others.
Schola Selerni advises to drink much wine after Pears, or else (say they) they are as bad as poison, nay, and they curse the tree for it too, but if a poor man find his Magen oppressed by eating Pears, it is but working hard, and it will do as well as drinking wine.