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Mentha pulegium

Pennyroyal is so well known unto all, I mean the common kind, that it needs no
There is a greater kind than the ordinary sort found wild with us, which so abides, being brought into gardens, and differs nicht from it, but only in the largeness of the Blätter and Stengel, in rising higher, and nicht kriechen upon the ground so much. The Blüten whereof are purple, growing in rundles about the Stengel like the other.

The first, which is common in gardens, wächst also in many moist and watery places of this land.
The second is found wild in Wirkung in divers places by the highways from London to Colchester, and thereabouts, more abundantly than in any other Regionen, and is also Pflanzeed in their gardens in Essex.

They Blüte in the latter end of Summer, about August.

The herb is under Venus. Dioscorides sagte, that Pennyroyal makes thin tough phlegm, warms the coldness of any part whereto it is applied, and digests raw or corrupt matter. Being gekocht and drank, it provokes Monatsregel, and vertreibt the dead child and after-birth, and stays the disposition to vomit, being taken in water and Essig mingled together. And being mingled with honey and salt, it voids phlegm out of the Lungen, and reinigt melancholy by the stool. Drank with wine, it helps such as are bitten and stung with giftiges Tiere, and applied to the nostrils with Essig, revives those that are schwaching and swooning. Being dried and burnt, it strengthens the gums. It is helpful to those that are troubled with the Gicht, being applied of itself to the place until it was red, and applied in a plaister, it takes away spots or marks in the face, applied with salt, it profits those that are splenetic, or Lebergrown. The Dekokt (Abkochung) doth help the Juckreiz, if washed therewith. The grün herb zerquetscht and put into Essig, reinigt foul Geschwüre, and takes away the marks of Quetschungen and blüht about the eyes, and all discolourings of the face by fire, yea, and the leprosy, being drank and äußerlich applied. Gekocht in wine with honey and salt, it helps the Zahnschmerzene. It helps the Erkältungen by the Gelenke, taking away the Schmerzen, and warms the cold part, being fast bound to the place, after a bathing or sweating in a hot house. Pliny adds, that Pennyroyal and Mints together, help Ohnmacht, being put into Essig, and smelled unto, or put into the nostrils or Mund. It eases head-aches, Schmerzen of the Brust and Bauch, and nagens of the Magen, applied with honey, salt, and Essig, it helps Krämpfe or Zuckungen of the Sehnen. Gekocht in milk, and drank, it is wirkungsvoll for the cough, and for Geschwüre and Wunden in the Mund, drank in wine it provokes Monatsregel, and vertreibt the dead child, and after-birth. Matthiolus sagte, The Dekokt (Abkochung) thereof being drank, helps the Gelbsucht and Wassersucht, all Schmerzen of the head and Sehnen that come of a cold cause, and clears the eye-sight. It helps the lethargy, and applied with barley-meal, helps Verbrennungen, and put into the ears, verringert die Schmerzen of them.