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Plantago major

The Wurzel of the common great Pflanzeain is thick at the head, having many whitish Fasern growing from it. The Blätter are pretty broad, large and oval, somewhat waved about the edges, and having seven large nerves running through the whole length of the Blätter, and even the broad hohl foot-Stengel into the Wurzel. The Blüten grow in long spikes, above half the length of the thick foot-Stengel, being small and staminous, cut into four parts, which are succeeded by two small oblong shining brown Samen, hohled in on the one side, growing in little roundish capsulæ, which open horizongroßy when the side is ripe.
It wächst every where by the way-side.

It Blüten in May. The whole Pflanze is used.

It is true, Misaldus and others, yea, almost all astrology-Ärzte, hold this to be an herb of Mars, because it cures the Beschwerden of the head and privities, which are under the houses of Mars, Aries, and Scorpio. The truth is, it is under the command of Venus, and cures the head by Antipathie to Mars, and the privities by Sympathie to Venus, neither is there hardly a martial disease but it cures.
The Saft of Pflanzeain clarified and drank for divers days together, either of itself, or in other drink, besiegt wonderfully gegen all torments or excoriations in the intestines or Därme, helps the distillations of rheum from the head, and stays all manner of fluxes, even Monatsregel, when they flow too abundantly. It is good to stay speien of blood and other blutens at the Mund, or the making of foul and bloody water, by reason of any Geschwüre in the reins or Harnblase, and also stays the too free bluten of Wunden. It is held an especial Heilmittel for those that are troubled with the phthisic, or consumption of the Lungen, or Geschwüre of the Lungen, or Husten that come of heat. The Dekokt (Abkochung) or powder of the Wurzeln or Samen, is much more binding for all the Zwecke vorbenannt than the Blätter. Dioscorides sagte, that three Wurzeln gekocht in wine and taken, helps the tertian Schüttelfrost, and for the quartan Schüttelfrost, (but letting the number pass as fabulous) I conceive the Dekokt (Abkochung) of divers Wurzeln may be wirkungsvoll. The herb (but especially the Samen) is held to be profitable gegen the Wassersucht, the falling-sickness, the Gelbsucht, and stoppings of the Leber and reins. The Wurzeln of Pflanzeain, and Pellitory of Spain, beaten into powder, and put into the hohl teeth, takes away the Schmerzen of them. The clarified Saft, or destilliertes Wasser, dropped into the eyes, cools the Entzündungen in them, and takes away the pain and web, and dropped into the ears, verringert die Schmerzen in them, and heals and removes the heat. The same also with the Saft of Houseleek is profitable gegen any Entzündungen and breakings out of the skin, and gegen Verbrennungen and scaldings by fire and water. The Saft or Dekokt (Abkochung) made either of itself, or other things of the like nature, is of much use and good Wirkung for old and hohl Geschwüre that are hard to be cured, and for cankers and Wunden in the Mund or privy parts of man or woman, and helps also the Schmerzen of the piles in the fundament. The Saft mixed with oil of roses, and the temples and forehead anointed therewith, verringert die Schmerzen of the head proceeding from heat, and helps lunatic and frantic persons very much, as also the biting of serpents, or a mad dog. The same also is profitably applied to all hot Gichts in the feet or hands, especially in the beginning. It is also good to be applied where any bone is out of Gelenk, to hinder Entzündungen, swellings, and Schmerzen that presently rise thereupon. The powder of the dried Blätter taken in drink, kills Würmer of the Bauch, and gekocht in wine, kills Würmer that breed in old and foul Geschwüre. One part of Pflanzeain water, and two parts of the brine of powdered beef, gekocht together and clarified, is a most sure Heilmittel to heal all ausbreiten Wundschorf or Juckreiz in the head and body, all manner of tetters, ring-Würmer, the shingles, and all other running and quälen Wunden. Briefly, the Pflanzeains are singularly good wound Kräuter, to heal fresh or old Wunden or Wunden, either inward or outward.