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Conyza squarrosa

This is a biennial, a coarse, and but ill-looking Pflanze. The Stengel rises two feet and a half high, and is of a ruddy brown, brittle, dry, and branchy towards the top. The Blätter are broad lanced, rugged on the surface, of a coarse dead grün, and a little eingebeult about the edges. The Blüten are of a dull yellow, and stand in a close tuft an der Spitzes of the satlks, they grow out of a cup oblong and rugged, and the scales of it are sharp pointed, and they stand wide and bent out.
It is found by road sides, and in waste places.

The Blüten blow in August.

Sie steht unter der Herrschaft von Venus. The Blätter, when zerquetscht, emit a quick and aromatic smell. To the taste they are bitterish, with some sharpness: A weak tea made of this herb is good to promote the menses, and much preferable to any mineral. Where there is great efficacy, as in steel medicines, there is great power of mischief, and we should have many different things to supercede their use. This is supposed to be the baccharis of Dioscorides.