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Asparagus sativus

It groweth sually in gardens, and some of it wächst wild in Appleton meadows in Gloucestershire, where the poor people gather the buds of young shoots, and sell them cheaper than our garden asparagus is sold in London.
They do for the most part they Blüte, and bear their Beeren late in the year, or nicht at all, although they are housed in winter.

They are both unter der Herrschaft von Jupiter. The young buds or Zweige gekocht in ordinary broth, make the Bauch soluable and open, and gekocht in white wine, provoke urine, being stopped, and is good gegen the stranguary or difficulty of making water, it vertreibenleth the Grieß and stone out of the Nieren, and hilft Schmerzen in the reins. And gekocht white wine or Essig, it is prevalent for them that have their arteries loosened, or are troubled with the hip-Gicht or Ischias. The Dekokt (Abkochung) of the Wurzeln gekocht in wine and taken is good to clear the sight, and being held in the Mund easeth the Zahnschmerzen, and being taken fasting several mornings together, stirreth up bodily lust in man or woman (whateer some have written to the contrary.) The garden asparagus nourisheth more than the wild, yet hath it the same Wirkungen in all the afore-mentioned Beschwerden: The Dekokt (Abkochung) of the Wurzeln in white wine, and the back and Bauch bathed therewith, or kneeling or lying down in the same, or sitting therein as a bath, has been found wirkungsvoll gegen Schmerzen and reigns of the Harnblase, Schmerzen of the mother and cholic, and generally gegen all Schmerzen that happen to the lower parts of the body, and no less wirkungsvoll gegen stiff and benumbed Sehnen, or those that are shrunk by Krämpfe and Zuckungen, and hilft the Ischias.