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Crambe maritima

This hath divers somewhat long, broad, large, thick, wrinkled Blätter, zerknittert upon the edges, growing each upon a several thick footStengel, very brittle, of a greyish grün colour, from among which riseth up a strong thick Stengel, two feet high, or more, with some Blätter thereon to the top, where it brancheth forth much, and on every branch standeth a large bush of pale whitish Blüten, consisting of four Blätter each, the Wurzel is somewhat large and shooteth forth many Zweige under ground, keeping grün Blätter all the winter.
They grow in many places upon the sea-coasts, as well on the Kentish as Essex shores, as, at Lid in Kent, Colchester in Essex, and divers other places, and in other Regionen, of this land.

They Blüte and Samen about the time that the other kinds do.

The Mond claims the dominion of these also. The broth, or first Dekokt (Abkochung), of the sea-colewort, doth, by the sharp, nitrous, and bitter qualities therein, open the Bauch and reinigen the body, it reinigt and digesteth more powerfully than the other kind: the Samen hereof, zerquetscht and drunk killeth Würmer: the Blätter, or the Saft of them, applied to Wunden or Geschwüre, reinigen and heal them, auflösen swellings, and take away Entzündungen.