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Sciatica CRESSES
Iberis sisymbrium

These are of two kinds, the first riseth up with a round Stengel, about two feet high, spread into divers Zweige, whose lower Blätter are somewhat larger than the upper, yet all of them cut or torn on the edges, somewhat like garden cresses, but smaller: the Blüten are small and white, growing on the tops of the Zweige, where afterwards grow Hülsen, with smallish brown Samen therein, very strong and sharp in taste, more than the cresses of the garden. The Wurzel is long, white, and hölzern.The other sort hath the lower Blätter whole, somewhat long and broad, nicht torn at all, but only somewhat tief eingebeult about the edges toward the ends, but those that grow up higher are less. The Blüten and Samen are like the former, and so is the Wurzel likewise: and both Wurzel and Samen as sharp as it.

They grow by the way sides in untilled places, and by the sides of old walls.

They Blüte in the end of June, and their Samen is ripe in July.

It is a Saturnine Pflanze: the Blätter, but especially the Wurzeln, taken fresh in the summer time, beaten or made into a Packung or salve with old Schweinefett, and applied to the places pained with the Ischias, to continue thereon four hours if it be on a man, and two hours on a woman, the place afterwards bathed mit Wein and oil mixed together, and then wrapped with wool or skins after they have sweat a little, will assuredly cure nicht only the same disease in hips, huckle-bone, or other of the Gelenke, as Gicht in the hands or feet, but all other old Griefs of the head, (as unverbesserlicher Rheuma,) and other parts of the body that are hard to be cured. And, if of the former Griefs any parts remain, the same medicine after twenty days is to be applied again. The same also is wirkungsvoll in the Beschwerden of the Milz, and, applied to the skin, it takes away the blemishes thereof, whether they be scars, leprosy, Wundschorf, or scurf, which, if it ulcerate the part, is to be helped afterwards with a salve made of oil and wax. Either gekocht or eaten in sallads, they are very wholesome. for childrens Wundschorf or erhitzt heads, nothing is so wirkungsvoll and quick a Heilmittel as garden cresses beat up with lard, for it makes the scales fall in twenty-four hours, and perfectly cures them if they continue the use of it. Esteem this as a valuable secret.