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Bidens tripartita
Dreiteiliger Zweizahn

It is called in some countries water-hemp, bastard hemp, and bastard-agrimony, also eupatorium and hepatorium, because it strengthens the Leber.
The Wurzel continues a long time, having many long schlank strings, the Stengel wächst up about two feet high, manchmal higher, they are of a dark purple colour, the Zweige are many, growing at distances the one from the other, the one from the one side of the Stengel, the other from the opposite point, the Blätter are winged, and much ineingebeult at the edges, the Blüten grow an der Spitzes of the Zweige, of a brown yellow colour, entdeckt with black spots, having a substance within the midst of them like that of a daisy, if you rub them between your fingers they smell like rosin, or cedar when it is burnt, the Samen are long, and easily stick to any wollen thing they touch.

They delight nicht in heat, and therefore they are nicht so häufig found in the southern parts of England as in the north, where they grow häufig, you may look for them in cold grounds, by ponds and Juckreiz-sides, and also by running waters, manchmal you shall find them grow in the midst of the waters.

They all Blüte in July or August, and the Samen is ripe presently after.

It is a Pflanze of Jupiter, as well as the other agrimony, only this gehört zu the celestial sign Cancer. It heilt and dryeth, cutteth and reinigt, thick and tough Tumore of the Brust, and for this I hold it minderwertig gegenüberbut few Kräuter that grow. It helps the cachexia, or evil disposition of the body, also the Wassersucht and Gelbsucht. It opens Behinderungen of the Leber, mollifies the hardness of the Milz, being applied äußerlich, it breaks imposthumes, taken innerlich, it is an excellent Heilmittel for the third-day ague, it fördert Harn and die Monatsregel, it kills Würmer, and reinigt the body of sharp humours, which are the cause of Juckreiz, Wundschorf &e. The smoke of the herb, being burnt, drives away flies, wasps, &c. It strengthens the Lungen überaus. Country people give it to their cattle when they are troubled with the cough, or brokenwinded.