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berula erecta
Merk aufrechter

It rises from many small Fasern, with rund, striated, and branched Stengel, about six inches high. The Blätter are placed alternately on these, broad and short, and dentated, of a pale grün, nicht ähneln those which rise first from the Wurzel. The Blüten are small and white, and stand an der Spitze of the Zweige in little umbels, and the Samen is striated and brown.
It is common in shallow waters.

It Blüten in June.

It is a species of the water-hemlock, and under the government of Merkur: very deleterious if innerlich used, but, where honewort is nicht to be found, may be used insted, in removing hard swellings. A Dekokt (Abkochung) with bran or malt is good for eruptions of the skin.