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Lilium candidum

It were in vain to describe a Pflanze so commonly known in every ones garden, therefore I shall nicht tell you what they are, but what they are good for.
They are unter der Herrschaft von the Mond, and by Antipathie to Mars vertreiben poison, they are excellently good in pestilential fevers, the Wurzeln being zerquetscht and gekocht in wine, and the Dekokt (Abkochung) drank, for it vertreibt the venom to the exterior parts of the body. The Saft of it being tempered with barley meal, baked, and so eaten for ordinary bread, is an excellent cure for the Wassersucht. An Salbe made of the Wurzel, and Schweinefett, is excellently good for scald heads, unites the Sehnen when they are cut, and reinigt Geschwüre. The Wurzel gekocht in any convenient Dekokt (Abkochung), gives speedy Geburt to women in travail, and vertreibt the afterbirth. The Wurzel gebraten, and mixed with a little Schweinefett, makes a gallant Packung to ripen and break plague-Wunden. The Salbe is excellently good for swellings in the privities, and will cure Verbrennungen and scaldings without a scar, and trimly deck a blank place with hair.