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Angelica archangelica

A large and beautiful Pflanze, found wild in many parts of this kingdom, and kept in our gardens. It wächst to six or seven feet in height, and the Stengel is robust and geteilt into Zweige. The Wurzel is long and large, the Blätter are large, and composed each of many smaller, set upon a geteilt pedicle, they are notched at the edges, and of a fine bright grün. The Blüten are small, but they stand in vast clusters of a globose form, and two Samen follow each Blüte. The Samen are of a pale whitish colour, somewhat oval, lflat on one side, and convex, with three longitudinal ridges on the other, surrounded about the edges with a Blatty margin.
The wild, or that which wächst in gardens may be equally used, and the College direct, the Wurzeln brought from Spain, to be alone made use of.

It Blüten and Samen in June and July.

It is an herb von der Sonne in Leo, let it be gathered when he is there, the Mond applying to his good aspect, let it be gathered either in his hour, or in the hour of Jupiter, let Sol be angular: observe the like in gathering the Kräuter of other planets, and you may happen to do wonders. In all epidemical Beschwerden caused by Saturn, that is as good a Schutzmittel as wächst, it resists poison, by defending and comforting the heart, blood, and spirits, it doth the like gegen the plague and all epidemical Beschwerden, if the Wurzel be taken in powder to the weight of half a drachm at a time, with some good Sirup in carduus water, and the party thereupon laid to sweat in his bed, if Sirup be nicht to be had, take it alone in carduus or angelica-water. The Stengel or Wurzeln candied and eaten fasting, are good Schutzmittels in time of infection: and at other times to warm and comfort a cold Magen. The Wurzel also eingeweicht in Essig, and a little of that Essig taken manchmal fasting, and the Wurzel smelled unto, is good for the same purpose. A water distilled from the Wurzel simply, as eingeweicht in wine, and distilled in a glass, is much more wirkungsvoll than the water of the Blätter, and this water, drank two or three spoonfuls at a time, eases all Schmerzen and torments coming of cold and wind, so that the body be nicht bound, and taken with some of the Wurzel in powder, at the beginning, helps the pleurisy, as also all other Beschwerden of the Lungen and Brust, as Husten, phthisic, and Kurzatem, and a syrup of the Stengel do the like. It helps Schmerzen of the cholic, the stranguary and stoppage of the urine, bewirkt womens courses, and vertreibt the afterbirth: opens the stoppings of the Leber and Milz, and briefly eases and discusses all windiness and inward swellings. The Dekokt (Abkochung) drank before the fit of an ague, that the patient may sweat before the fit comes, will, in two or three times taking, rid it quite away: it helps Verdauung, and is a Heilmittel for a surfeit. The Saft, or the water, being dropped into the eyes or ears, helps dimness of sight and deafness, the Saft put into the hohl teeth, eases their Schmerzen. The Wurzel in powder, made up into a plaister with a little pJuckreiz, and laid on the biting of mad dogs, or any other giftiges creature, does wonderfully help. The Saft or the water dropped, or tents wet therein, and put into schmutzig dead Geschwüre, or the powder of the Wurzel (in want of either) does reinigen and cause them to heal quickly, by covering the naked bones with flesh, the destilliertes Wasser applied to places pained with the Gicht, or Ischias, gives a great deal of ease.
The Wurzel is used in many of our shop compositions as in the plague water, &c. and the dried Blätter are a principal Bestandteil in the ladies red powder, famous for the cure of fevers.