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Cochlearia armoracia

The horse radish has its first Blätter, that rise before winter, about a foot and a half long, very much cut in or torn on the edges into many parts, of a dark grün colour, with a great rib in the middle, after these have been up a while, others follow, which are greater, rougher, broader and longer, whole and nicht geteilt at first, but only somewhat rougher eingebeult about the edges, the Stengel when it bears Blüten (which is seldom) is great, rising up with some few lesser Blätter thereon, to three or four feet high, ausbreiten an der Spitze many small Zweige of whitish Blüten, made of four Blätter a-piece, after which come small pods, like those of Shepherds Purse, but seldom with any Samen in them. The Wurzel is great, long, white and rugged, shooting up divers heads of Blätter, which may be parted for increase, but it doth nicht kriechen in the ground, nor run above ground, and is of a strong, sharp, and bitter taste almost like mustard.
It is found wild in some places, but is chiefly Pflanzeed in gardens, and joys in moist and shadowy places.

It seldom Blüten, but when it doth, it is in July.

They are also under Mars. The Saft of horse radish given to drink, is held to be very wirkungsvoll for the scurvy. It kills the Würmer in children, being drank, and also gelegt auf the Bauch. The Wurzel zerquetscht and laid to the place grieved with the Ischias, Gelenk-ache, or the hard swellings of the Leber and Milz, doth wonderfully help them all. The destilliertes Wasser of the herb and Wurzel is more familiar to be taken with a little sugar for all the Zwecke vorbenannt.
Garden Raddishes are in wantonness by the gentry eaten as a sallad, but they breed but scurvy humours in the Magen, and corrupt the blood, and then send for a physician as fast as you can, this is one cause which makes the owners of such nice palates so unhealthful, yet for such as are troubled with the Grieß, stone, or stoppage of urine, they are good physic, if the body be strong that takes them, you may make the Saft of the Wurzeln into a syrup if you please, for that use: they reinigen by urine überaus.