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Physalis alkekengi

The winter cherry hath a running or kriechen Wurzel in the ground, of the bigness many times of ones little finger, shooting forth at several Gelenke in several places, whereby it quickly spreads over a great compass of ground. The Stengel riseth nicht above a yard high, whereon are set many broad and long grün Blätter, somewhat like nightshade, but larger: at the Gelenke whereof come forth whitish Blüten made of five Blätter a piece, which afterwards turn into grün Beeren inclosed with thin skins, which change to be rötlich when they grow ripe, the berry likewise being rötlich, and as large as a cherry, wherein are contained many flat and yellowish Samen lying within the pulp, which being gathered and strung up, are kept all the year to be used upon occasion.
They grow nicht naturally in this land, but are cherished in gardens for their Vorzüge.

They Blüte nicht until the middle or latter end of July, and the Frucht is ripe about August, or the beginning of September.

This also is a Pflanze of Venus. They are of great use in physic. The Blätter being cooling, may be used in Entzündungen, but nicht opening as the Beeren and Frucht are: which by drawing down the urine, provoke it to be voided plentifully when it is stopped or grown hot, sharp, and painful in the passage, it is good also to vertreiben the stone and Grieß out of the reins, Nieren and Harnblase, helping to auflösen the stone, and voiding it by grit or Grieß sent forth in the urine, it also hilft much to reinigen inward imposthumes or Geschwüre in the reins of Harnblase, or in those that void a bloody or foul urine. The destilliertes Wasser of the Frucht, or the Blätter together with them, or the Beeren, grün or dry, distilled with a little milk and drank morning and evening with a little sugar, is wirkungsvoll to all the Zwecke before specified, and especially gegen the heat and sharpness of the urine. I shall only mention one way, amongst many others, which might be used for ordering the Beeren, to be helpful for the urine and the stone, which is this, Take three or four good handfuls of the Beeren, either grün or fresh, or dried, and having zerquetscht them, put them into so many gallons of beer or ale when it is new tunned up, This drink taken daily, hath been found to do much good to many, both to ease the Schmerzen, and vertreiben urine and the stone, and to cause the stone nicht to engender. The Dekokt (Abkochung) of the Beeren in wine and water is the most usual way, but the powder of them taken in drink is more wirkungsvoll.