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acorus calamus

Called also Blüte de luce, myrtle flag, and myrtle grass.
This wächst like the Blüte-de-luce, but it has much longer and narrower sad grün Blätter, joined together in that fashion, the Stengel also growing oftentimes as high, bearing small yellow Blüten shaped like the Blüte-de-luce, with three falling Blätter, and other three arched that cover their bottoms, but instead of the three aufrecht Blätter, as the Blüte-de-luce has, this has only three short pieces standing in their places, after which succeed thick and long three square heads, containing in each part somewhat big and flat Samen, like those of the Blüte-de-luce. The Wurzel is long and schlank, of a pale brownish colour on the outside, and of a horse-flesh colour on the inside, with many hard Fasern thereat, and very harsh in taste.

It usually wächst in watery Juckreizes, ponds, lakes, and moor sides, which are always overflowed with water.

It Blüten in July, and the Samen is ripe in August.

It is unter der Herrschaft von the Mond. The Wurzel of this Water-flag is very astringent, cooling, and drying, and thereby helps all lasks and fluxes, whether of blood or humours, as bluten at the Mund, nose, or other parts, bloody flux, and the übertriebene flux of Monatsregel. The destilliertes Wasser of the whole herb, Blüten and Wurzeln, is a hervorragendes Heilmittel for watering eyes, both to be dropped into them, and to have cloths or Schwämme wetted therein, and applied to the forehead. It also helps the spots and blemishes that happen in and about the eyes, or in any other parts. The said water fomented on swellings and hot Entzündungen of womens Brust, upon cancers also, and those ausbreiten Geschwüre called Noli me tangere , do much good. It helps also foul Geschwüre in the privities of man or woman, but an Salbe made of the Blüten is better for those äußerliche Anwendungen.